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I’m a Vienna-based rock-climber who tries to achieve a sport-climbing grade of 8a (5.13b) and documents the way to that goal here on the blog. This thing startet about two years ago, just after I took a longer break from climbing. First and foremost, this is a way for me to keep a reliable training journal and to hold myself accountable to my goals.

I share progress, lessons learned, plans and goals for my climbing and I’m hoping that all of this will take me closer to 8a.

Alongside my personal climbing-journal entries, I also post some stuff that might be useful to my dear readers. I’m hoping that this blog will eventually become some sort of guide on how to climb 8a (5.13b).

You will find gear reviews, climbing destination guides, as well as some advice on training and injury prevention.

I try to publish a new post every Tuesday, so you can come back every week to see what’s new or you can click on the ‘Follow’-button in the sidebar if you don’t want to miss any posts!

Here are some blog entries to get you started:

On how I learned to climb 7a (5.11d) – my most successful article to date.

On climbing training for beginners – for when you’re just starting out.

On building a versatile home-gym – hangboard, rings, TRX

On elbow injuries (1 and 2) – something every climber experiences at some point in time.

On treating your shoulders well – to keep ’em injury free.

On a great pair of climbing shoes – reviewing my favourite pair.


Cheers and always be climbing!