Beastmaker Micro Crimps and Campus Rungs Review

Hanging from your fingertips to get really f*cking strong seems to be all the rage recently and what could be better than dangling from a beautiful piece of wood that was made by the guys over at Beastmaker in the UK.

In order not to get bored, I have extended my selection of edges to hang off of a few weeks ago and bought three campus rungs (small, medium and large) as well as the newly released micro crimps (6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm) from the manufacturer of the famous Beastmaker 2000 and 1000 hangboards.

This review is long overdue but I couldn’t get to it because I actually had a finger injury and wasn’t able to try these beautiful edges for quite some time. As some of you might recall, I injured my finger on the day that the campus rungs and the crimps were delivered before I could even try them out.

All the Goods

Beastmaker Campus Rungs

Let me start with the campus rungs because they were the first I was able to use again after some time off to heal my finger.

Beastmaker sells three sizes of campus rungs. They come in small, medium and large, like most campus rungs do, and I bought one of each to use them as a hangboard and not actually for campusing.

Three sizes and some crimps

The large rung is 35 mm deep and 40 cm long. It is made of  beech and ‘Beastmaker’ is engraved into the front. It is quite rounded and you wouldn’t consider it to be a total jug (I wouldn’t at least). It is a very comfortable rung for a 4-finger open-handed hang. I can easily fit all four fingers on it (including my short pinkie) and while it isn’t really hard to hang, it can still pose a small challenge because of its slopy-ness. I use it for longer hangs but I could imagine that people could add weight and use it to train their sloper-strength. Generally, this is a very comfortable hold. The wood is smooth and feels good on the skin but still provides enough friction. I’m very happy with it!

The medium rung is 20 mm deep and it is quite incut. This is your classical campus rung. However, because I did not want the incut for hangboarding, I mounted it upside down. I now have a perfectly flat 20 mm edge that is still very comfortable to hold. It is perfect to train the half-crimp grip but you could also do open-handed hangs because it is still a bit radiused and doesn’t dig into your skin. This is the perfect edge for your weighted hangs!

The small rung is 15 mm deep and it is a little bit rounded. I believe it is 1 mm deeper than the outer lower edges on the Beastmaker 2000 (I think they are 14 mm) but it is much easier to hang. The radius makes this a perfect edge to train open crimp (or chisel) on. It feels nice on the skin and it is not too small. I really like this rung and I use it a lot.


Beastmaker Micro Crimps

Now let’s move on to the micro crimps that Beastmaker just started making. They come in pairs of 6, 8 and 10 mm. It is a simple product really, just some small, straight edges to hang of off but they are beautifully crafted and the quality is on point.

So far, I can only hang the 10 mm crimps. They are small but not very rounded. I’d say they are slightly harder to hang than the 14 mm edges on the BM2k. Although there is not much of a radius, they are still comfortable to hold and the edge doesn’t dig into your skin. (By the way, if you like my hangboard station, here is how you can build one yourself)

The 8 and 6 mm are pretty much the same, except that they’re smaller. While I can’t hang the 8 mm right now, they seem at least attainable in the near-ish future. The 6 mm on the other hand are ridiculously small. I’d imagine that hanging those for 5 to 10 seconds would correspond roughly to 8a finger strength… but hey, there’s gotta be something you’re working towards.


The Verdict

Both the campus rungs and the micro crimps are quality products that serve their purpose perfectly. They are nice on the skin, challenging and I am certain that they will make you beastly strong. Of course, you could also make something like this by yourself but I guess it would never quite have the look and feel of the beastmaker products. People who love their hangboards should take a look at these because they’re equally well crafted and you can feel that a lot of thought and testing has gone into this. Highly recommended! If you want them now, go and buy them over at Beastmaker (no affiliate link).



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