Céüse wishlist

Hey climbers,

I am already enjoying the bulletproof limestone of Céüse. We arrived on Saturday and have already climbed a bunch. Here is a little list of what I’d like to do while I am here. On the list are old routes, that I didn’t get to redpoint the last time I was here, there are routes that just look so impressive and there are some recommendations from all over the internet.

Some routes, I definitely want to redpoint, and for some of them, it would just be nice to get on them. Realistically, I am aiming for a few routes in the 7a range. A 7a+ or a 7b would be a huge accomplishment for me.



  • Tabernacle – 6b
  • Trous line – 6b+
  • Zagreb – 6c
  • Bonnye and Clyde – 6c
  • Pony boy – 6c
  • Back to black – 6c
  • Equinoxe – 6c
  • Bleu comme l’enfer – 6c+
  • Gelati Dolomiti – 7a
  • Ananda – 7a
  • Saint Georges Picos – 7a
  • Un pont sur l’infini – 7a
  • L’été céüsien – 7a
  • Angel dust – 7a+
  • Retour en Afrique ou Cheyenne automne – 7a+
  • Petite illusion – 7a+
  • Pourquoi pas – 7a+
  • Beau mouvement sur fond bleu – 7a+
  • Lapinerie – 7b
  • Dietetic line – 7b
  • 2001 – L’odyssée du grimpeur – 7b
  • Blocage violent – 7b+


Cheers and see you soon!


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