Beastmaker micro crimps, finger injury and blog update

Update: If you are looking for a full review of the Beastmaker Micros (and campus rungs) then click the link!

Look what the mailman brought last Friday:

Beastmaker Micro Crimps and Campus Rungs

Those are some nasty small crimps from the guys over at beastmaker. It’s a new product of theirs addressing the fact that there is no really small crimps on their beastmaker 1000 or 2000. You can find them here: Beastmaker Micro Crimps. They come in pairs of 6, 8 and 10 mm and they really are a thing of beauty!

I also ordered their campus rungs in large, medium and small to use them as a hangboard.



Unfortunately, I can’t try them right-away because I injured my finger last Thursday during a hangboarding session. Performing an open-handed hang, something went pop in my ring finger.

I immediately stopped the session but still got pretty bad pain and mild swelling later that day. I wasn’t able to fully straighten or curl my ring finger but this has gotten better over the past few days.

I self-diagnosed this as some sort of flexor tendon strain and I think that I’ll be out for a while 😦

Here is a little video that I made about it:


Blog News

There are also some news regarding this blog that I wanted to share with you.

From now on, I will publish a post every Tuesday (actually been already doing that for 3 weeks), so stay tuned and click on the ‘Follow’-button in the sidebar to receive a notification whenever there’s something new!

I also launched a new ‘Start Here’-page, which replaces the old ‘About’-page. I will keep it updated and share my most visited and most interesting blog posts with you.

I hope my finger injury will heal quickly and I’ll keep you updated on any progress!



4 thoughts on “Beastmaker micro crimps, finger injury and blog update

  1. I’ve had that injury twice now. One a serious tear the other minor and was out 6 months and two months. The second time I had physio, did a lot of strengthening exercises and didn’t climb at all. Best thing to do is get a physio with climbing knowledge to take a look


    1. Hey, thanks for your insight. It is much better now, I think I walked away with a scare and maybe 2 weeks of not climbing. Maybe the injury wasn’t as bad as yours. I tried some easy traversing yesterday and it was ok. The hand/finger also felt better afterwards, so I think carefully moving and loading it actually helps. Nice to hear that the second time didn’t go quite as bad for you!


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