Gear review: La Sportiva Mix

Update: the long-term

This is my experience of using the La Sportiva Mix long-term. I own these for about one and a half years now and I have used them a lot. They’ve been out with me on every single climbing day and I used them as my normal day-to-day shoes during winters. I can tell you that I am still happy as hell! They are still going strong, showing only minimal wear and I am confident that I will still own these next year! I have used and abused the Mix but they just don’t want to give up. I highly recommend these shoes!

Read on for my initial review and for more detail:

I have some pieces of gear that I find myself going back to time and time again. Some of them I own for a really long time and they’ve never disappointed me. Now, technically I don’t own the La Sportiva Mix long enough to really say that, but when I bought these shoes and my feet slipped into them for the first time, I knew that I’d have to have them. Approach shoes are always a tricky thing to buy. I don’t want those clunky, heavy mountain boots that will weigh me down and always just feel way overblown. I want light shoes instead, that still give me enough support and don’t let my feet slip on a wide range of terrain. Then again, because lighter approach shoes are not as beefy as full-on mountain boots, they are usually not as durable. I had issues with the durability of approach shoes before but what I like about the Mix is that it feels sturdy enough not to give in after just a few longer approaches on difficult terrain.

wpid-dsc_0472.jpgBuilt & Design

As I just said, the Mix feels sturdy enough to withstand some serious beating. Mine come in grey and blue and I actually like how they look. The design is subtle and it doesn’t scream technical alpine gear, which means you can wear them in the mountains and around town. One of my favourite details is the yellow “climbing on the moon”-patch sewn onto the tongue. You actually don’t see it because the laces cover it, but I like that it’s there for some reason.

Fit & Performance

wpid-dsc_0471.jpgThe Mix fits just great. They are very comfy, yet, they give your feet and ankles a really secure feeling. The rubber sole performs pretty well on rock, choss and isn’t too bad on stuff like wet grass. It features a smooth climbing zone in the toe area which works surprisingly well.
I did things like climbing to the first bolt to clip a draw (too cheap for a clipstick) in these shoes and it went pretty well. I’m convinced you could use them on some pretty technical climbing terrain. Of course, they’ll work even better as a climbing shoe if you size them a bit smaller, but I rather use real climbing shoes for climbing and sized them probably a bit larger than it was intended by La Sportiva.


I really like these shoes. I know they are not the most beefy and technical mountain shoes, but considering that I do a lot of approaches in flip-flops or sneakers, a real mountain boot is not what I really need. People who prefer the feel and security of a heavier boot should look elsewhere, but for those who’re just looking for a nice, comfy and well performing approach shoe: check out the La Sportiva Mix! It’s a great shoe.


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