How-to: build a hangboard, TRX and gymnastic ring mount

This is a little tutorial on how to build a nice hangboard, TRX or ring mount. It’s pretty simple, yet hugely practical. Follow the tutorial and find out how you can add these important pieces of equipment to your training facilities at home.

Disclaimer: Construction work can be dangerous and I am not a professional. The described set-up only works in my specific situation with the walls that I have in my flat. Your set-up might differ and you might have to make a few adjustments to guarantee stability. I am not responsible for any damage to your home, possible injuries during the building process or due to instable constructions. You have to make sure that everything is nice and safe. This article is for educational purpose only.

The usual hangboard set-up is to put your board above the door. Simple and elegant. My door however is too tall to put a board above and I had to adapt. I also wanted to be able to hang rings from my board, so I came up with the idea to fix a beam to two walls in a corner of my room and to screw the hangboard onto the beam.

This is what it looks like:


To build one yourself you probably need to go shopping first. Here are the materials and tools I used:

3m wooden beam 98mm x 98mm cut into a piece of 2,20m and 2 pieces of 40cm.
4 x screws 10×200
4x plastic wall anchors 12×70 (you might have to adapt)
2 x screws 8×150

2 x eye bolt
Backboard (for the hangboard)
a few wood screws to fix backboard and hangboard to the beam
Hand saw


What you want to do is to fix the two smaller blocks of wood to the walls in a corner of the room. Make sure they are level!


Then you cut the ends of the longer beam in an angle of 45 degrees.


Fix the hangboard and backboard to it, screw in the eye bolts, put it up on the wood blocks you fixed to the wall and screw the beam to the two wooden blocks using the 8×150 screws. Done!


You can now hang rings or a TRX from the eye bolts. I also added a third eye bolt to use as a pulley-system when hangboarding. The advantage of this construction is its versatility. I can screw all kinds of grips to the beam, add a second hangboard to the backside or add a few campus rungs.

However, note that this set-up highly depends on the structure of your walls. You might need to  think of other ways to fix it to the wall if your walls won’t support it the way I did it.

Have fun building something like this!


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